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Fantasy & Mythology

The Immortals Series

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When demons refuse to play by the rules, all Hell will break loose.

Colin and Anna are sent to Baton Rouge by the Angel with only one directive: keep their past a secret, including their relationship. Believing their new mission would be short-lived, Colin agrees, but as the months pass and the demons they’ve grown accustomed to fighting defy every rule of war between Heaven and Hell, it seems more and more likely that the city has nothing to do with the unusual behavior of these demons and everything to do with this couple.

Connected by a gift from the Angel, Colin and Anna have long shared a bond she promised was unbreakable, but when Anna disappears from him, Colin will discover that the demons he’d agreed to fight on behalf of Heaven are far from the most terrifying creatures to walk the Earth.

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After a fateful decision in Baton Rouge, Colin and Anna move to Boulder where they hope they will get some much needed time off from hunting. But the demons who wanted retribution in Baton Rouge have followed them, and this time, they're not alone.

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An earth shattering discovery means that the stakes in this battle against Hell are higher than ever for the Immortals, especially for Colin and Anna. When the powerful demons who have been pursuing them are discovered in the Garden of the Gods, it will become a race for survival for the hunters who have now become the hunted.

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In the final book of The Immortals series, Colin and Anna return to Baton Rouge to confront the demons who are preparing to wage war against Heaven. But they soon learn war isn’t the only thing Hell has planned, and what Colin and Anna stand to lose is far worse than anything they could have imagined.

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Also available on Nook, Apple, and Kobo.

The Unbreakable Sword series

As a powerful demigod, Selena has been running from the gods who control the government agency, the New Pantheon, for the past three years, but now, they’ve caught up to her. 

When they trap Selena in an alleyway in New Orleans, she is ready to admit defeat. But an unfamiliar demigod rescues her, and the more she learns about Cameron, the more she discovers their common bonds may be the key to unraveling her own mysterious history. 

In the first book of The Unbreakable Sword series, Selena and Cameron must not only evade the New Pantheon, which is ruthlessly hunting the remaining gods and their descendants, but an angry Aztec god that wants Selena’s power to himself. And they will discover in the impending final battle of the gods, no one can be trusted.


As Cameron and Selena learn more about their ancestry, they discover that by connecting to their pasts, they are already becoming more powerful, even without the aid of Lugh’s Spear or the Dagda’s Cauldron. But Cameron refuses to consider a future on the pantheon of the Tuatha Dé, and Selena cannot imagine a future without it. 

Meanwhile, their secret has been revealed to all, and it’s no longer just the New Pantheon they have to evade. The Norse, the oldest rivals of the Tuatha Dé, know the prophecy that ties Selena to the future of their enemies, and the easiest way to defeat them is by killing her. But the Otherworld remains the prized treasure for all of the gods, and one outcast in particular has set his sights on overthrowing the Irish alliance on the eve of Samhain. 

In the second book of The Unbreakable Sword series, Selena will be faced with the possibility of the Tuatha Dé losing the Otherworld and their magical island cities, as well as losing her friendship with Cameron as their desires for different futures threaten to tear them apart. And if Cameron refuses to join her on the Irish pantheon, whom can she really trust amongst the gods? 

Travel with her to the Cities of the Gods, because she’s about to find out.



Time is running out for Cameron and Selena to find the Unbreakable Sword and Nuada’s heir before the Norse lead a devastating war against the Tuatha Dé for control of the Otherworld. But ever since Cameron took the Spear and became the next sun god, new threats keep emerging, one from a Persian god and one from Cameron himself.

In their quest to find the Sword, Selena is confronted with the uncomfortable realization that Ukko might not be as evil as she’d always believed, but he’s clearly no ally either, so where does that leave the New Pantheon? And worse still, when presented with the truth about Alan’s deception, she discovers that some afflictions of the heart are far worse than just having it broken.

In the third book of The Unbreakable Sword series, Cameron and Selena must find Nuada’s Sword if they are to combat the Norse in the upcoming Battle of the Gods. But if Cameron can’t learn how to be a god himself, none of the Treasures of the Gods will matter.   



In the final Battle of the Gods, whom can you trust? 

Cameron and Selena must find Nuada’s heir before the war begins, but Mithra and an Aztec heart-stealing god have complicated their mission. And finding the Tuatha Dé’s next ruler and combatting gods who want them dead aren’t the only problems facing the young couple; they also must find themselves. As those whisperings of familiarity grow stronger and Badb continues to insist she can’t interfere with their destinies, Cameron and Selena realize they are on their own to reclaim their lives.

In the final book of The Unbreakable Sword Series, Cameron and Selena’s journey to protect the Otherworld will come to an end. But as they will learn, in their new world, nothing is ever as it seems and in the Battle of the Gods, old rivalries and new alliances will be tested.

Journey with them now to the Otherworld. The Battle is about to begin.


The Unbreakable Sword: The Complete Series Boxset



The Guardians of Tara series


In the highly anticipated sequel series to The Unbreakable Sword, Cameron and Selena are back with new humorous adventures, new allies, and a new group of gods who want them dead…

Cameron knew that finding Huitzilopochtli wouldn’t be easy, and he was right. With Nemain’s help, they’re able to find his hiding place but he isn’t alone. Huitzilopochtli has recruited help, and the Aztec army he’s amassing just might be invincible.

But as usual, Huitzilopochtli isn’t the only god trying to kill Cameron and Selena. Ninurta’s father has found them and wants revenge for the death of his son, and an evil Finnish goddess is attempting to take over her pantheon in Ukko’s absence. Plus, Cameron and Selena still have one Treasure of the Gods to find: the Stone of Fal is the Tuatha Dé’s oldest and most mysterious Treasure, and as they’ll discover, the original gods of the Irish are hiding the truth about its origins and what it might mean for the new Guardians of Tara.

Cameron once believed that none of the gods should be trusted, and in the first book of The Guardians of Tara series, he will learn he may have been right all along.


When the Guardians are confronted with the unthinkable, the hunt for Huitzilopochtli and his allies becomes more important than ever. But none of the gods searching for the Aztec alliance can pursue them because of the horrors they’re unleashing on the world. As diseases spread in New Orleans and Baton Rouge and panic sets in, mortals turn on all of the gods, which means the Guardians as well.

In the second book of The Guardians of Tara series, Cameron and Selena are no longer combatting just the evils of a god intent on ruling the world, but the price he’s willing to pay to win. But what the Aztec gods and their allies have started may signal the destruction of the very world the Guardians are trying to protect.

Science-Fiction Romance

The Resurrected trilogy

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Awakened from death. Herself but no longer alone in her own body. Two lives merged into one.

A mistake. An aberration. A miracle.

And a company that wants her dead for existing.

When Dietrich’s fiancée, Lottie, is killed in a car accident, he descends into his own personal Hell until he runs into her in a café two years later. Claiming she isn’t really Lottie but only possesses some of her memories, the young woman offers him an unbelievable story then disappears.

Using his position as a CIA agent to track her down, Dietrich quickly discovers Lottie remembers far more about her past life than she’d originally let on. But his attempt to learn more about the planet she comes from or the woman she is now is disrupted by a group of men from the company that transports people from their home planet to Earth when they find out about her resurrection and attempt to murder her.

Because for Lottie, something went wrong, and her existence threatens their entire business on Earth. And Dietrich’s ultimate second chance with the only woman he’s ever loved will be threatened as well.

In the first book of The Resurrected Trilogy, a sci-fi thriller romance series, Dietrich will rediscover a love that not even death could erase. But he’ll also discover just how far this company is willing to go to protect their secrets.


Eric thought he and his friends were safe from the people who wanted Lottie dead. But he was wrong. When they all join him in Houston to ring in a New Year, they discover these men are getting increasingly desperate to eradicate anyone who knows about Lottie’s existence – which means they are all targets now. 

To make his life even more complicated, Eric finally meets the woman of his dreams while he’s trying to unravel this new mystery of who wants his friends and him dead now. And he will have to decide between his love for the woman he’s been waiting for and the friends who are depending on him to survive. 

Insurrection is the second book in the Resurrected series and continues the story of Lottie’s resurrection and the dangers she and her friends face because she exists.


Lottie is determined to end the nightmare her resurrection has caused and the constant threat she and her friends face because she exists. She has organized a war against the leaders of the company that transports people from her home planet to Earth, and the time has come for her battle to begin. 

In the final book of the Resurrected series, Lottie and her friends must attempt to destroy the business that has spent years trying to kill them, and now, there are thousands of people all over the world who are participating in Lottie’s insurrection. If she fails, she and her friends will lose their lives. But if she succeeds, she and her friends will finally have the freedom to live.


The Complete Resurrected Trilogy

The Chosen: a Resurrected series novel

They promised her happily ever after. Instead, they gave her Hell. Now, she's getting revenge.

When Bella agreed to travel to Earth to start a new life with the man she loved, she’d been promised two things: healing dead human bodies so they could live on this planet always worked, and they could have the happily ever after forbidden to them at home. 

But soon after arriving on her new planet, she discovers both of those promises were lies. And the consequences for trusting the wrong people are deadly. 

After six years of hiding from the company that helped her cross over, she is approached by a beautiful but mysterious stranger who offers her a different kind of promise: the chance for revenge. And Bella’s journey to end her own nightmare and to seek justice for the man she’d once loved is finally able to begin. 


Peyton's Myth: Book One of The Cambria Code series

When a mysterious spaceship appears above Cambria, Zoe remains skeptical that it’s anything but an elaborate hoax. By the time the first spaceship is joined by two others, Zoe reluctantly admits that Earth has been invaded, even though it’s a pretty lame invasion: the aliens look remarkably human and keep to themselves. From what humans are able to learn about them, they seem incredibly arrogant and boring anyway.


After meeting Peyton, one of Earth’s newest residents, Zoe feels an immediate attraction to him although she is reluctant to become involved with someone who isn’t even human. But she soon discovers that these aliens are far more dangerous than they’ve led everyone to believe, and the secrets they are hiding may signal the destruction of her entire planet. 

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Peyton's Promise: Book Two of The Cambria Code Series

After landing on Cambria, Zoe realizes she can’t spend the rest of her life as the source of a rivalry between the two men she loves, so she volunteers for Peyton’s army, which threatens her relationship with Adrian. But after five months of fighting the darkness that has repeatedly tried to drown her, she needs her own justification for escaping an invasion few humans survived. 

Protecting those who are left gives Zoe a new sense of purpose, but she is quickly confronted with the realities of what took place on Cambria when this planet was invaded, and she will soon discover if she is capable of being the savior of her people she desperately wants to become.


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Peyton's Light: Book Three of the Cambria Code series

Zoe never thought she’d be returning to Earth, yet only a few months after reaching Cambria, she and a small team are doing just that. Everyone who volunteers for her expedition knows Earth is likely swarming with the invaders, and it will take a miracle for their operation to be successful. 

In the final book of The Cambria Code trilogy, Zoe comes full circle: she has returned to her home planet with the man who pursued her and convinced her to leave, and despite her initial reservations, she has loved him more deeply and fully than any man before. 

Now, they are on a mission: they sent the Cambria code, and Zoe won’t abandon any survivors, even if nobody else believes she and Peyton can survive their final confrontation with the thieves of peace. But after landing on Earth, Zoe is forced to acknowledge they may be right after all.


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The Cambria Code Trilogy Boxset. Available on Amazon, Nook, Apple, and Kobo.


The Genesis Project



I am not a man. I am not human.

When Drake awakens in an unfamiliar room with no memories, Dr. Mike Parker reveals the answer to Drake’s puzzling existence through a silent directive sent to the microchips in his brain intended to control his thoughts and behavior. The Genesis Project created him to be the perfect special operations soldier, but as the product of advanced genetic engineering, the lines are immediately drawn in his mind: he is not human. He is the property of the Project, incapable of free will, and he shouldn't have his own thoughts or reservations.

Five years later, those codes that made him believe he’s not really a man and that he’s not really human are tested when he meets Saige, the first woman who’s ever made him reconsider what it means to be human. Not only will he finally begin to question what he is, but he will discover that the transformative powers of falling in love are stronger than the fears that have kept him tethered to the Project for years.

But his love for her will have far more dangerous consequences than he could have imagined, and their only chance for survival may lie in Drake’s own ability to overcome the beliefs that have been so deeply ingrained within him.


When Drake and Cade arrive in Somalia to retrieve the stolen cargo, Drake is faced with a horrifying realization: The Genesis Project is still with him. He'd never freed himself after all.

Back in the hands of Dr. Mike Parker, Drake’s fate takes a sinister turn. But the more he learns about his past, the more he’s revealed to be the monster he fears, and he will have to find his way back from losing what is most important to him: His own identity.


The Golden Eagle: A dystopian romantic suspense.

After a vicious second civil war in the U.S., the states that attempted to secede are occupied, and the people there live by different rules. 

Jon is the highest-ranking officer in an elite Task Force whose purpose is shrouded in mystery. Ava is just trying to survive the occupation after two years of brutal war. After meeting unexpectedly, they discover they are both willing to risk everything for the chance to love one another. But what those risks entail may be far greater than anything either could have imagined.

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Clicking on the image above will lead to the Amazon product page. Also available on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, and All Romance e-Books.

Dreamwalkers: a paranormal psychological suspense

My father used to tell me our pasts shaped our presents and our presents shaped our futures and that we could never really get rid of our pasts. The deeds of our fathers and grandfathers and their fathers before them lived on forever, and we would have to live with the choices they made as well as our own so he would warn me to choose wisely. But I never understood my father. Not until my thirtieth birthday. And then everything changed.

After losing his father to suicide, Gavyn Cooper becomes convinced that his dad’s odd ramblings were nothing more than the product of mental illness. But on his thirtieth birthday, Gavyn begins having vivid dreams that transport him into the world of Caleb Ellis, a young man who lived on a sugar plantation in 1835, and he is forced to question not only his own experiences but his father’s as well. Now, Gavyn will have to make a choice between following in his father’s footsteps or writing his own future.


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